Monday, March 2, 2009

Bday Wish-list an important day!!!....for me...i came to tis World on tis day...haha.....

1.Hope My Mum allow me to tattooing On hand or leg(I nt wana B paikia...jz for art)

2.New car(i thnk tis is Sure BUy d)

3.New Laptop(tis too for collage use)

4.NIke's soft shoe(if buy tis sure get scold many shoe d)

5.New spec(i hope is lens)

6.Trip to Australia or New Zealand(0.1% nia tis...Caz uncle frm NZ come bek soon)

7.DUn get bad result(spm....but i thnk is too LATE)

8.A princess(mature n can social intercourse..)

9.Face dUn gt so much pimples(haha...slp early la,guan)

10.A new aircon in my room(haha...i dun1 oways slp in mum's room)